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Let's discover the most famous Japanese Festivals with me

Jidai Matsuri

If you find yourself in Kyoto on October 22, you must attend the Jidai Matsuri festival. That day is the anniversary of the foundation of Kyoto. It consists of a large parade that travels from the Imperial Palace to Heian Shrine. Jidai Matsuri means “Festival of...
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Kanda Matsuri

One of Tokyo’s three most famous festivals is Kanda Matsuri. The other two are Sanno Matsuri and Fukagawa Matsuri. Kanda Matsuri takes place in mid May in odd numbered years, while the Sanno Matsuri is held in even numbered years. The Kanda Festival lasts over...
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Awa Odori

On August 12th and 15th, in Tokushima takes place the Awa Odori festival. “Fool’s Dance” is a nickname that comes from the lyrics to a common dance song, which translates as follows: “Fools dance and fools watch, if both are fools, you might as...
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